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  4. Fucking shit.

    I’m fucking tired of this always happening. I’m fucking tired of being hurt. I’m fucking tired of missing my fucking chance. Fuck this shit already.

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  6. I can feel the insomnia again.

    And it’s finals week. God fucking dammit. 

    I love having friends at school; they’re cool people and I can talk to them about anything: what homework we had, whether they’re on Instagram or not, and our crushes and shit. 

    I talked to my friend about who we liked at the bus stop one time. She said she didn’t like anyone, and I told her that I liked… someone. (I ain’t going to say who it is.) Basically, it turns out that they’re both like best friends, and she said that it’d be cute if her friend and I went out; somehow, that gave me a little motivation. I asked her to not tell her friend, and she obliged. We got on the bus and parted ways as I got off and went home a couple minutes later.

    A few days later, and I find myself sitting next to the girl I like at the Kalani homecoming. After the game, I go home with most regret than I have when I’m drunk: I did not at all have the balls to talk to her, aside from asking “Can Zack and I sit here?” I went home bummed as hell, but lucky one of my friends was able to cheer me up a little. 

    The next week, I see my friend (the same one that I saw at the bus stop), and I start talking to her about how I couldn’t talk to her friend at the game. 

    She tells me that my crush knows I like her. 


    She also tells me that she wouldn’t go out with me, since she doesn’t really know me.

    Well… that’s a logical reason, right?

    But then I thought this through: I can’t really win at all unless something about me is appealing to her. If I start talking to her just all of a sudden, she’s going to think (and know) that it’s because I like her. If I don’t talk to her, well, I’m not going to have a chance. 

     I was having a pretty above average day at school that day, and I was actually kinda happy. After finding all of this out from my friend, I just instantly slipped into depression again. I seriously felt like rolling up and burning again, daily. Now, I didn’t, and I haven’t since then, but weed’s so easily accessible, I can anytime. But I didn’t. Yet. 

    I haven’t been able to sleep since that day. I’ve been writing raps and songs and poems daily and I cannot get enough sleep; when I do, I ended up sleeping for literally 14 hours. I’m slowly killing myself, and I don’t want this to happen again, it just is. 

    And it’s finals week. Fucking ‘ell.

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  8. What if he dropped the phone?

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    MONsTERS inC 






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    This speaks to me on a personal level.

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